Reality42 Hosting: Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of this documentation, the following terms will be used:

Us, we, our:
Reality42, or property, whether physical or non-physical, belonging to Reality42.
You, your:
The customer, or property, whether physical or non-physical, belonging to the customer to whom this document is applicable.
One or all of our servers’ hardware and software, or any items of hardware and software used to provide the services Reality42 offers.

Right of access:

You may access our servers only using the facilities provided to you. Any unauthorised access will be considered a breech of agreement. If you believe you have gained access to an unauthorised area or our servers, you must cease access to that area, and inform us immediately.

Almost all types of access are restricted to authorised persons by means of password authentication, IP restriction and/or dialup service provider restrictions in extreme cases. Permitting others access to any of these authentication methods is deemed a breech of agreement. If you believe any authentication details have been exposed to unauthorised persons, you must take immediate action in order to eliminate this breech of security. If necessary, this would include notifying us, in order that we make changes to our servers’ authentication configuration.

Domain Name Registration:

Domain Names registered through us are your property in name. We will take care of billing cycles and administration processes. We will make any changes to the registrar details when required including, but not limited to, address changes when you notify us of a change. The domain will resolve via our Domain Name Server, and as such cannot be modified directly by you.

Domain Name Transfers to Reality42:

Domain Names transferred to us will require changes to be approved by you. We will attempt to instigate these changes with your consent, but may require your support during this process as some registrars and previous hosting providers require this change to be instigated by the domain owner. We will not cover any costs involved in this operation charged by your domain’s registrar, previous hosting provider, or any other costs not directly associated with us. Domains registered less than sixty (60) days ago may not be able to be transferred.

Transfers will not be charged for, however, the transfer includes domain renewal, which is charged for, at the rates advertised on the Reality42 site.
In the event of a com/net/org domain transfer being rejected, you will need to contact your current registrar to identify the issue. You may re-request the transfer at any point. In the event you decide to cancel the com/net/org domain transfer after we receive instructions to go ahead, a charge equivalent to one year’s registration fee will be charged.

uk domain transfers initiated by you, by asking your current registrar to change the IPStag. We will initiate our acceptance procedure when the domain records are updated to reflect the new IPStag. Although unlikely for uk domains, rejections or cancellations may be subject to a charge equivalent to two years registration fee.
Note that any rejection or cancellation charges are in lieu of admin fees. You will only be charged an admin fee if one or more transfers are successful. The rejection/cancellation fees are passed onto you from our registrar at no mark up, and Reality42 do not profit from these.

Domain Name Transfers from Reality42:

If you wish to transfer a domain from us, we will not charge for transfers. We will not cover any costs involved in this operation charged by your domain’s registrar, new hosting provider, or any other costs not directly associated with us. We will also not release any domains that have outstanding payments owing on them.

Contract Termination:

Subject to minimum contract terms, you may cancel your contract with one (1) months notice. We must also provide you with one (1) months notice should we decide to terminate the contract we have with you, although this may be overruled by the “Breech of Agreement” section outlined below.

Personal Details:

Any personal details required must be kept up-to-date. This includes, but is not limited to, a daytime and or evening telephone contact number and your full postal address. To notify us of changes, contact us using one of the methods outlined at the end of this document.

Any details stored about you will not be used without your prior permission, and will never be provided to any partner or third party company. Should you wish, all details held about you can be made available to you. To request these details, contact us using one of the methods outlined at the end of this document.

Breech of Agreement:

If you are found to be in breech of agreement, taking into account the severity of the breech, we may take suitable actions, ranging from a warning or temporary disablement of service, to immediate termination of contract. Any disputes must be made by e-mail or in writing.
Breech of agreement includes, but is not limited to, failure to pay on demand, or within the time given, any amounts owed for services provided to you by us.

Bandwidth Charges:

Bandwidth excess charges are calculated on a monthly basis. Should your account be subject to bandwidth excess charges you will be notified by email and invoiced within 28 days.

Validity of this Document:

The terms and conditions outlined in this document may change at any time. The latest terms and conditions are available online and should be considered the latest version.

Agreement to the Terms and Conditions:

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, or any future updates to the terms and conditions, you must notify us at once.